Testimonials Reviews and Accolades

Client Restaurants

When Menufy first approached me I didn't think we needed a website much less online ordering. The deal seemed risk-free so I gave it a shot. Now I'm really glad we partnered with them.

Jeff, Owner
Sutera's - Shawnee, KS

My customers enjoy the convenience and it doesn't cost me anything. I totally approve of Menufy.

Kenny Keast, Owner
Rosati's Pizza - Kansas City, MO

My Menufy rep basically handled everything from start to finish. It took about 2 weeks for Menufy to post a link to my website. I can now take orders online!

Jim Burgardt, Owner
Pizagel's Pizza & Bakery - Topeka, KS

My old site cost me money. My new website makes me money. I wish I knew about Menufy earlier.

John Avelluto, Owner
Italian Delight by Avelluto - Mission, KS

Menufy approached us about online ordering some time ago. We believed that we were years away from enabling customers to order online. Our website was primitive and only informational at best. Menufy took our website and transformed it into a functional order site for our company. We are totally impressed with the speed and quality of their services. They are like a partner in business with how they administer their services. We are an independent pizza restaurant with limited resources and Menufy brought us into this century with respects to reaching customers through the internet, great job Menufy!

Dave and Cory Knubley, Owners
Pizza West - Shawnee, KS

I love how we don't have to answer the phone as often. The coolest part is when people come in and tell us their name. We already know that they have paid online with their credit card.

Andy, Owner
Mafia Mike's Pizza - Lenexa, KS

As a business owner for over 30 years, I knew the importance of having a website and providing a new way of service for our customers. I was skeptical at first because the service that Menufy provides sounded too good to be true, but it was one of the best decisions that I made to expand my delivery business.

Jerry Wang, Managing Partner
Lee's Golden Buddha Restaurant - Oakwood, GA

We have seen our to-go orders increase just by having a website. We didn't realize how important it was for us to be online. Menufy has definitely helped us learn more about the web market.

Panda Garden - Lawrence, KS

menufy.com has helped our restaurant gain more exposure with college students that order from their dorm rooms for delivery or pickup. I thought it was going to be hard to use because I'm not familiar with website and online ordering, but the process has been very simple.

Lisa Koay, Owner
Jade Garden - Lawrence, KS

We appreciate client feedback! Feel free to email any suggestions or feedback at info@menufy.com. For accolades, please specify if we can cite your name, title, and restaurant.

Restaurant Customers

We take the same care in serving your customers online as you do in your restaurant. Here is a sample of actual feedback that we receive on a daily basis from users of our online ordering system (anonymized for privacy):

  • The online ordering experience was very easy to do. The web site is great! Thank you.
    F.M. via Evergreen Chinese Restaurant
  • Great, amazing interface.
    A.B. via Jade Garden
  • Great site - thanks so much
    R.A. via Gree Tea Sushi
  • glad I can do it on the web! Thanks!
    H.M. via Mandarin House
    K.B. via Evergreen Chinese Restaurant
  • Very simple to order online. Way better then anywhere else! Love the food!!
    M.D. via Italian Delight
  • Pretty cool. Ordered from my android phone.
    J.S. via Chinese Palace
  • great site, looking forward to seeing pictures of the chineese menu
    D.S. via Panda & Plum Garden
  • I love this online menu set up. i was convient, obviously and just what i needed in a hurry! WILL BE ORDERING AGAIN with you. ty
    J.M. via Jade Garden
  • EXCELLENT way to order sushi!
    R.S. via Stix Kansas City
  • This is the first time I have ordered delivery online and it was an awesome!
    S.S. via Jade Garden
  • Great addition! Love being able to order online! Thanks.
    K.H. via Stix Collierville
  • I love the online ordering! Thank you!
    G.M. via Panda & Plum Garden
  • Being able to order and pay online is such a great idea! Helps us out a bunch! Thank you!
    K.C. via Sit @ Thai Bistro
  • Online ordering experience was great and the pizza is even better!
    J.S. via Rosati's
  • Everything looks pretty good, love the new site.
    C.C. via Jade Garden
  • Awesome website!
    A.R. via Panda & Plum Garden
  • The online ordering experience was great, keep up the user friendly ordering process.
    J.S. via Rosati's
  • Very nicely done with programming. Ordering was easy and intuitive. Categories were well defined, the whole process is very fluid, thank you.
    C.S. via Jade Garden
  • Very efficient!!!
    D.S. via Stix Spanish Fort
  • This is a great site! Very easy to use. Thanks!
    H.L. via Jade Garden
  • This was Great and Eazy for the first time. Thank you for this service.
    M.H. via Pine & Bamboo Garden
  • Did not know you had an online ordering system!
    J.M. via Rosati's
  • This is a great service!
    J.G. via Chinese Palace
  • The ordering process was very easy. Thanks!
    M.S. via Stix
  • First time using online ordering. Process went very smooth. Thank you.
    S.B. via RJ's Bob-Be-Que Shack
    J.G. via Jade Garden
  • Everything looks great. I really like that you can add extra comments about each dish you order, and I appreciate the shopping cart format for choosing and putting back items.
    D.C. via Thai House
  • I like this idea of ordering online...wish alot of the merchants would go this way. Thank you.
    T.B. via Jade Garden
  • Easiest order process I have ever experienced. Period.
    B.P. via Hot Wok
  • very easy to order
    H.S. via Asian Wok
  • everything is very user friendly
    D.B. via Rosati's
  • cool! glad you started doing this.
    A.M. via Po's Dumpling Bar
  • So simple! Easier than any site to place an order!!!!
    J.M. via Rosati's
  • It was groovy!
    L.M. via Pizza West
  • Thank you so much! I love the online ordering!
    A.M. via Chang's Wok
  • It was an excellent online ordering experience. :)
    A.K. via Rosati's
  • I love ordering online! This made it very easy!
    F.M. via China Express
  • That was really easy. One of the best menu driven pick item list I've experienced. Thx!
    S.P. via Rosati's
  • Online ordering very easy to do.
    R.H. via Rosati's
  • Love it, looks great. Glad to see their are still innovative companies out of Kansas City.
    R.R. via Chang's Wok
  • I feel the need to comment about how well this site is designed. It is so refreshing to use a site that is so intuitive and simple to use. Congratulations to the design flow engineers and developers. Well done. I'll be back and showing others.
    J.H. via Nan Jing
  • The online ordering experience was excellent.
    C.C. via Rosati's
  • Was very easy and quick. Happy they have made the leap to online ordering, makes it very convienent.
    P.F. via Zhang's
  • I love your website! This is my first time to order on line. It easy to use and very quick and efficient. Thank you!
    R.F. via Ymummy Yummy
  • Really easy to use!
    E.S. via Rosati's
  • Love that we can order online
    J.H. via Asian Cafe
  • Great, easy to order website
    G.S. via Papa Saverio's
  • Love the website, not cluttered with ads, clean, simple to use with an easy check out. Love it! Thank you.
    T.F. via Angelo & Vito's Pizzeria
  • this was a good experience
    D.E. via Asian Cafe
  • Very simple and user friendly! I appreciate the option, thank you!
    A.F. via Joe's Pizza Pasta and Subs
  • This was a surprisingly convenient way to order! Everything worked very well. Thank you!
    R.F. via Thai Soon
  • Thank you! I appreciate this company being future forward and allowing Mom's with starving kids to order pizza online and having it delivered to their door. :-)
    C.M. via Boss Lady Pizza
  • I love how simple it is to order from the website. Thanks for the simplicity.
    J.C. via Great Wall
  • I really like the layout of the menu and it was very easy to order. Thank you.
    Y.M. via Yen Ching
  • was simple, clear, and easy
    L.S. via Angelo & Vito's Pizzeria
  • It's awesome that I can order Chinese food online!
    J.H. via Oriental Garden
  • I love your online ordering. its so purfuct. prease keep it up.
    J.B. via Sheng
  • This was really use to use! Very user friendly
    K.W. via Asian Cafe
  • this is a VERY well constructed website that is easy to use.
    L.J. via Pho Factory
  • the process is great; thanks!
    A.G. via Grand Wok
  • Very easy site to use
    S.B. via Golden Buddha
  • This is a really cool concept. Super simple.
    J.I. via Stix
  • I love the online ordering! It's so easy and I can do it right from my home :)
    H.H. via Oriental Bistro
  • Nice on-line ordering!!!!
    G.W. via Joe's Pizza Pasta and Subs
  • Sweet!!!!! I am so excited that I could order online.
    A.H. via King Wok
  • Great online menu!
    A.K. via Green Tea
  • I thought it was great - Easy to follow and very user friendly.
    K.V. via Leafy Greens
  • Very nice website with easy access and ordering, keep up the good work.
    J.R. via Chang's Wok
  • I appreciate the option of online ordering. I found this easy to use. Thank you.
    K.M. via Oriental Garden
  • This is a very easy and simple way to order...Thank you!
    M.J. via Zhang's
  • Really nice to be able to order on line, very easy to do!
    K.S. via Chang's Wok
  • Very nice and easy
    E.M. via Asian Cafe
  • this website is fantastic: clear and easy to use - I was very pleased
    M.M. via Sit @ Thai Bistro
  • I love Menufy and I'm really happy to see more businesses in KC using the service. Keep up the good work.
    J.G. via Rosati's
  • This site and ordering process is very user-friendly.
    K.K. via Rosati's
  • This is an amazing online ordering system! Very impressed!
    D.M. via Pine & Bamboo Garden
  • This is GREAT!! Very easy to use.
    G.H. via Chinese Chef
  • Love you guys and your online ordering
    J.U. via Rosati's
  • Great Online ordering service!! Super fast and easy!!!
    D.L via Asian Cafe