Kansas City Restaurant Delivery Service

Menufy now offers food delivery service to customers in your restaurant's neighborhood. Join the leading online ordering network in Kansas City!

Online Ordering & Delivery Pricing

$1.25 per online order, you choose who pays: the restaurant or the customer


12.5% per delivery

Compare Kansas City Area Delivery Services

Tired of high fees? Menufy charges a competitive commission. See the potential cost savings for your restaurant:

  Per Order Commission Payment Processing Fee Example: Cost Per $40 Order
Menufy $1.25 + 12.5%
($1.25 paid by the restaurant or customer)
2.50% + $0.30 $6.30 if the $1.25 is paid by the customer
$7.55 if the $1.25 is absorbed by the restaurant
Grubhub 20% * 3.05% + $0.30 $9.52
Postmates 20% * Included $8.00

* As of April 2018

Why Menufy?

  • Your restaurant benefits from a competitively-priced delivery service, and the option to pass the online ordering fee to customers for additional cost savings.
  • Get a free custom e-commerce website. No setup and no monthly fees. We enter and update your menu at no cost.
  • Your business is listed on the Menufy.com directory and mobile app (iOS and Android), Chase Pay, Yelp, and LevelUp.
  • Conveniently accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Bitcoin payments from your customers.
  • Receive a complimentary tablet to receive order notifications and manage your online business.

We're headquartered here in Overland Park, KS. We would be happy to visit your restaurant!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Menufy delivery available?

Our delivery hours are currently daily from 11AM to 9PM.

Menufy vets and hires experienced local contract drivers, and manages all delivery operations.

Can I customize my delivery zone?

Yes, we can set a mile radius, or for more precise zoning, we can draw a custom delivery area. For example, we can fence a zone with local roads and highways as delivery boundaries. We deliver to areas in the vicinity of your restaurant to maintain a fast service with a fresh product.

How is the delivery wait time calculated?

We estimate delivery time based on the restaurant's current food preparation time, and the driving distance in between the restaurant and the delivery address. Once the driver is on the way, the restaurant and the customer will receive a live time estimate based on actual traffic conditions.

Can the restaurant track delivery driver status?

Yes, you will be able to track the delivery driver with live pick-up and drop-off time estimates on the free tablet that Menufy supplies to your restaurant. Once a delivery is complete, you will receive an updated Delivery Complete status on your tablet.

Can my customers track food delivery status?

Yes, once the driver has picked up the order, your customer will receive a link that allows them to track the driver from the restaurant to the delivery address. Upon arrival, the customer receives an additional notification.

Will my customers be charged a delivery fee?

Yes, we charge your customers a delivery fee based on distance, starting at $2.99 for the first mile.

Will my customers' food be kept warm?

Yes, Menufy delivery drivers are provided multiple thermal insulated delivery bags to ensure that food stays fresh from your restaurant to your customer.

What should I do if my customer ordered an out-of-stock item?

Please inform our Support Team as soon as possible at 913-738-9399.