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  • Existing client restaurants: please contact your dedicated Account Executive for additional assistance.
  • Restaurant customers who have placed an online order: please view our Customer FAQ
  • For general technical support, please email us at
  • For suggestions on how we can improve our online ordering websites or services, please email us at We appreciate client feedback and we are always open to conversations for special feature requests. After all, our current software is the result of a multi-year collaboration with our first clients!


Is the website really free?

Yes, we build you a website at no cost. Your free restaurant website includes custom styling and menu entry. There are no other additional costs aside from the standard 2.5% + $.30 credit card transaction fee. We instead directly charge your customers a $1.25 convenience fee. If you prefer to serve free online ordering to your customers, we offer the option to absorb the fee, in which case the $1.25 is substracted from the order total. You can also set a minimum order amount before the fee is waived for the customer. For example, if you set the free online ordering threshold at $20, customers ordering under $20 will be charged the $1.25 fee while customers ordering over $20 will enjoy free online ordering since the restaurant will cover the $1.25. We charge a flat $1.25 whether it's covered by the customer or the restaurant. Your choice.

Learn more about our pricing.

Do you charge website hosting and maintenance fees?

No, your restaurant website is hosted and maintained free of charge. If you add or remove a food item from your menu, or update a price, simply get in touch with your dedicated Account Executive.

What if I want to keep my restaurant's existing website?

We understand that a web site can be both an investment and a labor of love. If you wish to keep your existing site, we'll be happy to create a separate online ordering website to which you can link from your own website with an "Order Online" button. The online ordering website will be customized around your brand identity for a seamless transition from one site to another.

I already have a domain name (website address). Can I use the same one?

Yes, simply point the DNS (Domain Name Server) to our server IP address. We will provide you with instructions or supply us with your domain name registrar login credentials and we can set it up for you.

I don't have a domain name (website address). Can you help me?

Yes, and we'll register a new domain name for free! If your restaurant's exact name isn't available for purchase, we'll simply add the city or state abbreviation, or keywords such as "online", "go", "the", etc.

Do I need to have a computer at my restaurant?

No, your restaurant website is hosted for free on our servers and we maintain your online menu at no cost. You don't ever have to worry about your website and you certainly don't need any computing knowledge since we manage the technology for you.

Do I need an Internet connection at my restaurant?

No, an Internet connection is not required since we can send order alerts via fax and mobile messaging. Access to the Internet does however offer the convenience of managing your orders through our online manager platform.

Order Alerts

How do I receive my online orders?

You can choose from any of the following alert channels:

  • SMS (cellphone text message)
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Our Point of Sales (POS) touchscreen tablet, available for a small deposit.

Are order alerts free?

Yes, text messaging, fax and email alert channels are free. You may combine any channels.

Is there a backup call if I miss the order alerts?

Yes, if you do not acknowledge an online order within ten minutes, a live representative will call your restaurant to ensure that you have received the order.

Payment Processing

Are credit card transactions secure?

Yes, we use a SSL connection with a 256-bit encryption to protect online transactions.

How do I get paid?

Customer credit card payments are wired to your bank through your choice of the following deposit schedules:

  • Monthly: Deposits are posted on the 4th day each month (free).
  • Bi-Weekly: Deposits are posted every other Thursday (free).
  • Weekly: Deposits are posted every Thursday (free).
  • Daily: Deposits are posted Monday to Friday (free).

How much is the credit card processing fee?

Our credit card processing fee is 2.5% + $0.30, which is 16% lower than PayPal and Google Checkout's standard rate.

How is tax calculated?

Tax can be included in each food item's displayed price or it can be calculated in the shopping cart.


Is there any recurring billing?

No, there isn't any recurring billing for our basic services. We directly charge your customers a $1.25 convenience fee so you will never receive a bill from us. Learn more about our pricing.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Aside from our listing agreement that authorizes us to post your menu online, there isn't any contract to sign. There are no daily, no monthly, no quarterly, and no annual obligations.

Will my data be secure?

We do not share or sell any client information. As for your restaurant's business intelligence, you will receive a signed copy of our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that entitles you to confidentiality.

What type of reporting will I receive?

Two types of reports are available to you:

  • Order history
  • Website traffic analytics

Do you offer POS systems for restaurants?

Yes, we offer a touchscreen Point of Sales (POS) tablet that comes pre-loaded with Menufy software. The POS unit requires an internet connection.