Restaurant Customer FAQs

FAQs from customers who have placed an online food order on a Menufy restaurant website.


Is my payment secure?

Yes, online credit card transactions are tunneled through a 128-bit encryption. We treat your payment information with the utmost care and we never print your credit card number.

Why are there two charges on my credit card?

If you choose to tip by credit card after you've placed your order, we'll automatically void the original transaction and charge your card with the new amount with tip included. Depending on your bank, the original transaction will be dropped from your statement typically within 5 business days. Until the original transaction is dropped, 2 simultaneous transactions will appear on your statement (although in reality, the first transaction has already been voided).

How do I save my payment information for future orders?

To securely store your credit card and billing information, simply select the Facebook or Google checkout option from the shopping cart or from the checkout page. After you log into Facebook or Google, check the box on the checkout page to save your credit card. You may store multiple credit cards and select which one to use on subsequent orders. For your safety, all credit card information is encrypted on our servers. Your login can then be used on any Menufy restaurant website. You may remove a credit card at any time by clicking "Delete" on the checkout page.

In keeping with our privacy policy, we do not sell or share your private information with any third parties. We require Facebook or Google's secure login only to authenticate yourself on our online ordering system. It won't matter to us if your Facebook or Google+ profile name is different than your billing name. Information about your order will not be posted on your wall or news feed. If we develop a feature to share your order with your friends, we will only post with your expressed consent.

What type of credit cards can I use?

We accept all Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.

How do I tip the delivery driver by credit card?

While placing your order, you can include tip directly in the shopping cart.

When your online food order has been delivered, you can specify a tip amount on the order receipt that the driver will have you sign.

Delivery drivers always appreciate a tip. Please reward satisfactory service!

Can I pay in cash?

You can pay by cash if the restaurant accepts cash payments. The option is displayed on the checkout page.

We require verification for online orders paid in cash. You have two options for order verification:

  • Log into Facebook or Google (for authentication purposes only), or
  • Checkout as a guest and verify a PIN via text message or phone call. Subsequent orders matching your name + phone + email are pre-approved and do not require additional verification.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that makes payments fast and easy. Learn more.

Customer Service

What should I do if my order is incorrect?

If you are an order-in or take-out customer, please contact the restaurant directly to address your issue. If you are unable to reach resolution with the restaurant, please contact Menufy for arbitration. We will advocate on your behalf if we deem that the restaurant mishandled your online food order.

Is my info shared with Facebook/Google?

No. We only use social media to authenticate an account instead of requiring you to create a username and password with us, to verify your email address, etc. We do not share any of your personal information or activity with Facebook and Google.

How do I redeem my reward?

You will receive a reward balance after your 10th order. To redeem it while placing your next order, log in and check the box "Apply my full $__ reward" below the payment methods. All rewards balance must be spent on one order.