New Restaurant Bank Deposits Schedule

Mar 12, 2013

Announcing new flexibility to our deposits scheduling. You can now choose the frequency at which customer credit card payments are deposited into your restaurant's bank account.

All schedules are free of charge except for next day deposits:

  1. Monthly: Deposits are posted on the 4th day every month (free).
  2. Bi-Weekly: Deposits are posted every other Wednesday (free).
  3. Weekly: Deposits are posted every Wednesday (free).
  4. Daily: Deposits are posted Monday to Friday (free).

All current and new client restaurants are defaulted to weekly deposits at no cost. To change your restaurant's deposit schedule, simply indicate your preference to your Account Executive.

As always, much gratitude to our client restaurants for the extensive feedback. These feature add-ons to our online ordering system wouldn't exist without your precious input.